Client Portfolio

Here you can see the different animals i have looked after and give you an idea of what i do as a pet carer:


Chuck loves to have attention and go on walks around the block. He is a fun dog to look after and especially loves having his belly rubbed and playing with toys.


RikerCat loves to have all the attention and rub his face up against yours. He is a friendly and a nice cat to be around. As you can see from the pic he loves nothing but human attention.

Happy Dog

Took this happy dog for a walk in the local park, had a great time!!!

More Food Please!

Love this Labrador wanting lots of love (and lots of food) happy to take care of her.

Play Time!!

Stan loves attention and loves having his belly rubbed.
Walked him around the local park twice and played with him.

Dog and Cat Together?

It's not often you see a dog and cat together, but these two love attention and are happy to be loved!

More photos coming soon...