Contact PetCarer4U

Contact Shane using the following contact methods:

*Mobile: 07948795655
*Skype: petcarer4u

Email me using the contact form


How much do you provide for each service?
I charge about £10 an hour for 1 hour of dog walking, £25 a day to stay over your house to look after your pets, plants and safebeing of your house.

What services do you provide?
I provide the following services:

*Dog Walking
*Pet Sitting
*Night Sitting
*House Sitting

Do you have any qualifications?

Please see the 'About Me' page to view my qualifications.

Do you have any Pet Insurance?
Yes, my Pet Insurance is through PetPlan Sanctuary and covers the following:

  • Public Liability (£3,000,000)
  • Professional Indemnity (£100,000)
  • Loss/Theft of Keys (£1,500)
  • Per animal Care Custody & Control of Animals (£1,250)
  • Custodial Responsibility (£10,000)

Have you worked with any clients?
Yes, please see the 'Client Portfolio' page to view who I have worked with.

How can I contact you?
Use the following ways to contact me or go to the contact page for more information about contacting me:

*Mobile: 07948795655
*Skype: petcarer4u